Improvements to City Streets

A committee was established to administer the State Aid City Street Program to help improve the city streets of Arkansas .

Overview of the State Aid Program

The State Aid Street Committee Administers the State Aid City Street Program to assist Arkansas’ incorporated cities and towns in improvements to city streets. The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) provides technical assistance to the Street Committee and for projects approved by the Street Committee, the ArDOT designs, procures construction contracts, and inspects City Street Program funded projects.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

To request a project, the Mayor must sign and submit a letter requesting a project to the Street Committee listing the streets, priority, length of the street, and type of work.
For cities with populations over 25,000 people, a 10% match is required. For all other cities, no match is required.
The Street Committee has adopted a rule allowing a city to submit a project request once each calendar year; however, please note that the Street Committee is giving priority to cities that haven’t previously been approved for a project. So if your city was recently approved for a project, the chances of being approved the following year are low.
The Street Committee has adopted a rule limiting the amount of State Aid City Street funds to a maximum of $300,000 for overlay projects and $400,000 for design projects (such as a street widening or a bridge project). For a typical overlay project, this is about 1.3 to 1.8 miles of overlay. So in addition to any required matching funds, cities would be responsible for the costs above this cap or the scope of the project would need to be reduced.
State Law (27-72-414) requires that the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) handle the construction contracts. As a result the City cannot be reimbursed for doing the work or for hiring a contractor to do the work.
No, the State Aid Division can design the project at no cost to the City or the City may elect to hire a consultant to design it in ArDOT’s format. However if the City hires a consultant, the City must pay 100% of the consultant’s costs. For design projects only, please note that the total amount of ArDOT’s engineering charges (the sum of the design and construction engineering) is capped at a maximum of $160,000 and the City would be responsible for the costs above this cap.


The State Aid City Street System includes those routes that have certain characteristics.


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Street Committee

State Aid Street Committee consists of nine appointed mayors.