Project Criteria

  • In order to qualify for funding roadway conditions for overlays must be fair, fair to poor, or poor.
  • Construction funding for projects will be capped at $250,000. If bids exceed the cap, then the city must agree to pay the overage amount or scale back the project.
  • Projects requiring design work will be granted preliminary approval but not considered for construction funding until the engineering has been completed. The $250,000 cap will apply to these projects.
  • Projects awarded funding for less than $250,000 but whose bid amounts are 10 percent higher than the approved estimated project cost must come back to the Committee for approval.
  • Municipalities may submit one project per year on a calendar year basis, but priority will be given to those municipalities that have not had a project previously funded.
  • Municipalities that have had a project approved for funding must wait until the following calendar year to submit another project and if not awarded must resubmit the following calendar year.

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